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Published April 2014

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Nikon D40 and D2300, iPhone 8+ and GoPro Hero ⦁ @photos.mcgeeney on Instagram



A tribute to my cat 

Watching you sick makes me sick.

You’re helpless and struggling and existing,


The doctor says nothing may work,

but we hold on.

Everything’s normal still.

Just a scare that lingers.

Eat, drink, collapse, relocate,


Animals are a blessing and a curse,

It comes with time.

This is the time, and I was partially prepared.

A piece of you and me are taken away,

No matter how much I pray.

I don’t believe when other people say they pray for anything and everything,

but I really do.

I did for Dad.

It’s temporarily valued,

everyone knows the truth.

I feel so many things crawling onto the ground across from you,


Your eyes dark, somber and barely open,

not engaged.

Your fur shaved in odd spots.

Your energy low and weak.

I loved you sitting in the window calling for us.

I loved you sitting on the armoire begging for a kiss.

I still love you.

Nothing really changed, though.

No one said, “It was a close call.”

You would have stayed if that was the case.

Money spent, hope gained.

I wish you less pain.


We’re constantly previewing what’s yet

to come.

Celebrations, destinations,


You never reflect until



My scent lingers around the house,

but he remains behind the couch.

Breathing worse,

but loyalty remains.

Don’t buy animals,

Unless you want to bury them.

That’s part of being an adult.

Every time I linger on the edge,

It’s to see his fur rise,

just a little bit


I wish it was as easy as

breathing deeply,

But I don’t know.

He’s back to normal,

But breathing heavier.

Where’s the progress?


The dim, dark, dull day

took you away,

from us

and from your pain.

Peaceful you lay at the start of the


but uncomfortable until.

We knew it would come.

You were there for it all.

The good and the bad.

I’m sorry you suffered,

but you had your lasts.

May wherever you go

there be comfy couches and

much dirt to roll in.

My black and white buddy.

The big, fat cat with the

big, fat heart.


I’m sorry,

I thank you for your kisses,

love, and memories.

Short stories and essays

College work between 2013 and 2015


(A research paper on cigarette smoking and my father’s health)

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