What makes a hard worker?

What does the hard working man look like? The hardworking man works nine to five and makes it known. The hardworking man plops onto the vintage couch with a remote control in his hand shortly after punching his time card. The hardworking man deserves a homemade meal after a long day. The hardworking man rests […]

The politics of identity: 20 something

  I used to think I knew it all (yes mom, nod your head). My aunt used to tell me you change the most between age 18 and 25 and I remember laughing at that comment because I KNEW IT ALL. That was until I lived through my 22nd year and found out that: there’s a […]

The death of the fitstagram

At the beginning of 2017, I was determined to be a personal trainer. Now that the new year is underway away from being over, I can say my fitness/health/career goals have changed a bit since then. I failed my NASM certification test I quit a commercial gym, joined a powerlifting/kettlebell gym I pretty much stopped […]